Why Congressman Louie Gohmert Just Lost My Vote For 2018

Louie Gohmert has got to go.

The internet is the life and blood of my company and industry. I have empowered businesses across East Texas and abroad through the Internet and have helped educate business owners as to why the Internet is a powerful tool that can help them become more profitable. To date, I’ve helped dozens of companies and I’m proud to have helped them get the best value when working with me.

For my business to continue to grow and for me to continue on this path of bringing East Texas companies up to speed with digital technologies that deliver results, it’s important that there exists an Internet that is open and free for everybody. Additionally, it’s important that a degree of privacy is guaranteed to private citizens that use the web.

Today, Congressman Louie Gohmert voted to pass H.R. 230, a bill that allows internet service providers to sell your internet history to any companies and/or individuals that want it. This sets a very dark precedent for internet privacy rules moving forward. Imagine a world where somebody that might have something against you can simply purchase your internet history and publish it as they please. Congressman Gohmert has displayed that he is more concerned with company profits than the privacy of those he was elected to represent. The irony is strong here for an elected official that is supposedly concerned with personal liberty.

I have never been one to use my business as a political tool. In fact, I believe companies and corporations should have no place in politics at all. However, this is a resolution that could have negative consequences on my business and companies like us in the future. This bill was passed in a time where Net Neutrality has come under attack. For those that don’t know, Net Neutrality is a principle that has been around since the beginning of the internet that says that all data should be treated equally. Without Net Neutrality, internet service providers can essentially decide which internet companies live and die. For example, they could force consumers to pay for a premium internet service package just to be able to use websites like Facebook and Netflix. Additionally, they would be able throttle traffic to any website they want. They could at any time decide they don’t like what it is we’re doing at Beezer Interactive or any other company and make it as difficult as possible for people to access our site and content. This type of world doesn’t exist right now, but it might one day if people aren’t proactive in electing government officials that will fight to protect us from it. H.R. 230 is a stepping stone towards a world where Net Neutrality might not exist. If our elected officials aren’t concerned with your data privacy on the internet as a private citizen, it doesn’t seem they’d be too concerned with how that data is treated in the eyes of your internet service provider.

Without an open, free and secure internet, companies like ours are under threat.

There is a bright side to this. Congressional midterms are right around the corner in 2018. Louie Gohmert has enjoyed a comfy stay in office to date, but it’s clear he isn’t capable of supporting the interests of me or my company. Privacy and looking at whatever I want on the internet is a big deal to me and I’m sure it is to you too. I encourage you to explore your options for 2018 and see what other candidates might better represent you. Sorry, Louie, but you lost my vote today. I sent you several emails encouraging you to vote against the bill. It’s time for something new.

Visit this link to see who voted in favor of the bill: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2017/roll200.xml


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