Why Google Firebase is the Ultimate Databasing Solution for Small Business

Welcome to Google Firebase

The world of software development and web design has evolved rapidly in the last decade. We have gone from having to tediously ensure our CSS columns are equally spaced to having frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation that have all of the code already written; just plug and play. We have even gone from having to spend massive amounts of time writing database query and ensuring that everything is secure and ready to scale to having solutions like Google Firebase already in place with all of the security features and infrastructure we need to scale our apps. But what is Google Firebase?

Firebase is a realtime databasing solution developed by the engineers at Google that allows companies and individuals to develop apps at scale in a fraction of the time. Why is this so awesome?

  • Firebase is cross-platform meaning your apps can be easily deployed to platforms like Android, iOS and even the web.
  • Firebase is secure meaning you can spend more time building out your front-end functionality and spend less time scratching your head over implementing security features.
  • Firebase is a data-driven approach. You’re able to monitor analytics and identify opportunities with user data to grow your business.
  • Firebase is a realtime database solution. You’re able to store and synchronize data in realtime. Need a chat app? No problem, you can do that with Firebase. And it can be used for much more than that.
  • Firebase is free (at least in the beginning). Your app needs to be pretty popular to begin seeing fees from Google. You get access to their storage and content delivery network for free. There are no initial development costs to you outside of what you pay the developers that are building your app.

I could elaborate so much more on why Google Firebase is completely awesome. But seeing as this article is geared more towards companies that might see it as the right fit for their business and not developers themselves, I’ll keep it simple. Simply stated, Firebase is the best solution for small business because it drastically reduces development time and has all of the security and infrastructure in place to support your app. As a small business, you couldn’t ask to be in better hands from a security perspective when it comes to storage and content delivery. Adding to that, your Firebase app can be deployed to both web and mobile platforms.


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