My Experience Daily Driving a Corvette C6

daily driven corvette C6

Growing up and throughout my adolescence, I was never much of a car guy. I was more interested in computers and doing regular kid stuff; at least up until I bought my first car. I’ve always had a sort of entrepreneurial spirit and as a result, I’ve been involved in start ups throughout my entire adult life. With a degree of success in my ventures, I was able to save up a little bit and purchase a 2007 Corvette C6. For me, the Corvette is the only car I have and I drive it every day. It has it’s perks and drawbacks, so the question stands: what is it like daily driving a Corvette C6?

Daily Driving a Corvette C6

Let me first prelude this by saying the Corvette C6 is a great daily driver. Prior to my purchase, a lot of my friends told me it would be a terrible experience and that it wouldn’t be wise to have as my only vehicle. They were wrong. This article touches on everything that makes daily driving a Corvette C6 a wonderful experience.


This article is mostly centered around daily driving the 2007 Corvette C6 in particular, but all information outside of the following specs are applicable to any C6 model. I’ll go ahead and lay out the stock specifications.

Make/Model: Chevrolet Corvette C6 base (2007)
Engine: 6.0l V8 LS2
Performance: 400 horsepower, 400 lb-ft torque
Top speed: 186 mph
0-60 time: 4.2 seconds
Quarter mile: 12.6 seconds
Transmission: RWD, 6-speed manual/automatic
Fuel mileage: 18 mpg city, 28 mpg highway
Curb weight: 3,179 lbs

As you can see, the Corvette C6 is a monster. I have the 2007, which is the last year GM put LS2 engines in the Corvette. The company started putting the LS3 engine in the C6 in 2008, which makes 436 horsepower and 436 lb-ft torque.


Contrary to popular belief, the Corvette C6 isn’t that expensive. I’ve had many people estimate my car to cost around the $50,000 mark and even had an older gentleman at one point estimate I paid a whopping $100,000 for the car. It’s very obvious that the C6 is still seen somewhat as a status symbol and is mostly associated with wealthy individuals. When I tell them I picked it up for only $17,000 from a private seller their jaws usually hit the floor.

My car does have a blue book value of $23,000 and it was quite a steal. In fact, my particular purchase was one of the best priced Corvette C6s in the entire nation on CarGurus. The fact is that the Corvette C6 has come down in price tremendously since Chevrolet introduced the C7. Even today, early model C7s are coming down drastically in price.

Today, buyers can get base model C6 Corvettes in the $20,000 range all around the country. Not a bad price to pay for the incredible performance and status that comes with Corvette ownership.

Social Aspect

One of my favorite parts about daily driving a Corvette is the social aspect of it. Everywhere I go, I get people complementing me and asking me questions about my car. The Corvette brand has done a great job of establishing itself as a sort of luxury vehicle and in some cases, the attention it receives makes it a sort of poor-man’s exotic. You won’t have everyone photographing your vehicle at stoplights and in parking lots, but the Corvette C6 definitely turns heads.

The general consensus in my experience with Corvettes is that people are pretty enthusiastic about the brand. I’ve had kids at Bass Pro Shops in Shreveport excitedly asking my to rev the engine, drive-thru workers regularly telling me how sweet the ride is, people giving me a thumbs up at the gas station and more. On an average week daily driving the car, I get probably 7 to 9 interactions. If you enjoy attention and have a fair budget, pick up a Corvette C6.

Corvette Community

Owning a C6 gives you pretty instant access to a huge community of enthusiasts. There is a sort of unspoken brotherhood and camaraderie that exists between Corvette owners that you won’t find with most cars. It is an enthusiast’s vehicle. Just about every time I pass another Corvette on the road, whether it be a C4 or a C7 or any model, I get either a wave or a thumbs up or a nod.

It’s not infrequent that I end up on random cruises with other Corvette owners on the road. If we’re heading the same direction, we drive together until somebody turns off. The brotherhood is real. I’ve gotten in the habit of pointing out Corvettes when riding with my girlfriend and exclaiming, “Brother!” Yeah, it’s a bit pretentious, but it’s fun and owning a Corvette is about having fun!

Corvette owners in general look out for each other. I’ve had instances where my lights stopped working while at the mall (factory recall on the 2007 that was never fixed) and a C7 Z06 driver pulled up and helped me with a temporary fix for the problem until I could get it to the dealership. I’ve even had a 2013 Grand Sport driver pull up to me at a gas station and offer me an incredible deal on a full set wheels with tires included for only $400. Of course I took the deal being that a single tire can run well over $300 and don’t even get me started on wheels. He and I exchanged numbers and regularly follow up to inquire about Corvette Club meet ups and about mods we have in the pipeline.

If you want a car you can be enthusiastic about and have others share that same enthusiasm, the Corvette C6 is for you.


Remember how I said the Corvette is a sort of poor-man’s exotic when it comes to social interactions? The same applies to maintenance costs. While maintenance won’t kill you with this car, it will cost you a fair bit of money. For example, you really want to run the best gas you can in this car. I only put 93-octane in my tank. You’ll also need to use Mobile1 Synthetic 5w-30 for oil changes. Good luck getting an oil change for anything less than $75 in this car.

With the torque this car produces, you’ll need to make sure your car is properly in alignment. In a Corvette, it’s natural to want to accelerate fast and generally drive pretty hard. There’s no better way to quickly eat away at your tire life than driving hard on a bad alignment. You will get alignment wear on the tires and will have to live with your car pulling one direction or the other when you accelerate.

General repairs can run pretty expensive as well. When I purchased my vehicle, it had minor paint chips on the front bumper and when I took it to body shops, I received quotes ranging from $500-$1,500 just to repaint the front bumper. I even had one shop suggest purchasing a new bumper altogether due to costs. You have to be aware of shops that will try to take advantage of you just because they think you have an expensive car. That’s not to say all shops will do that, but it’s important to find a good shop and establish a good relationship. It goes a long way.

Brakes are expensive.
Rotors are expensive.
Everything is expensive to a degree.

Minor Annoyances

Any car you drive will have it’s fair share of annoying things you’ll find about it. For me, the first thing that bothered me became abundantly clear within the first week. The Corvette C6 is freaking low. Welcome to your new Corvette. Welcome to that low life. Your splash guard will scrape on everything you drive over. I can hardly pull into parking lots or even into my apartment complex without hearing that splash guard scrape on the ground. You’ll have to be prepared to take turns at pretty extreme angles to protect your splash guard.

That’s really my only complaint after a half year of ownership. Not bad, eh?

Flying Roof Club

I joined the Corvette Flying Roof Club not too long ago. The Corvette C6 comes with a detachable roof that stores comfortably in the trunk. Just remember to secure all of the latches when you put the top back on. If you don’t, your leisurely ride will quickly turn into a circus fiasco in the middle of the freeway when spectators watch the wind take your roof thirty feet in the air as they swerve to avoid having it smash through their windshield. It’s a common occurrence with Corvette owners whether seasoned or new. Most people experience it at least once, so don’t beat yourself up if it happens to you. I was lucky to have no paint damage or damage to the underside of the roof.

I just had to live with the embarrassment of running through a busy intersection next to a crowded football field with a roof over my head. I’m sure I made it on somebody’s Snapchat story somewhere.


To put it simply, daily driving a Corvette C6 is a great idea and I think people should daily drive their C6. Cars are depreciating assets and they’re built to be driven so get out there and put some miles on! If you can deal with expensive gas costs, mildly expensive maintenance and the awesome social interactions you’ll encounter on the daily, this is the car for you. The car itself is in the $20,000 range and it’s a steal in my opinion. The car rides extremely smooth, the seats are very comfortable and I’ve taken it on regular 200 mile trips to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Go out and buy yourself a Corvette C6. And don’t forget to wave!


  • Eldridge says:
    Jul 11 at 05:25

    Big question… are you manual or auto?

    1. Brett Westbrook says:
      Jul 11 at 05:26

      My Corvette is a six-speed automatic with the paddles.

  • Edward Chatman says:
    Jul 12 at 12:39

    Love this piece. I brought a 2008 z51 corvette. OMG i just love this car. And yes corvette owners are the coolest. Like u said i get waves and thumbs up. After owning several mercedes i enjoy the smooth ride,but can’t come close to the feel you get driving a vett..once again thank you for sharing..VETTMAN 4 LIFE

    1. Brett Westbrook says:
      Jul 12 at 02:10

      Thank you for the kind comment and for taking the time to give this article a read! I came into this car from a 2006 Impala, so the difference and upgrade was quite tremendous. Nothing I’ve been in drives as smooth as the Vette. And the waves are the best part!

  • Edward Chatman says:
    Jul 12 at 12:40

    Love this piece. I brought a 2008 z51 corvette. OMG i just love this car. And yes corvette owners are the coolest. Like u said i get waves and thumbs up. After owning several mercedes i enjoy the smooth ride,but can’t come close to the feel you get driving a vett..once again thank you for sharing..VETTMAN 4 LIFE..BTW LOVE THE 6 SPEED STICK

  • Jody Spires says:
    Jul 12 at 08:07

    I also own a 2007 and agree 100% with everything you said.

    1. Brett Westbrook says:
      Jul 12 at 08:46

      I love it because most people can’t tell the difference between a 2007 and a 2013. Everybody assumes it’s newer than it is. Is yours an automatic or a manual?

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